Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Note from Roger (Jim's Brother)

Subject: Online maps of Laos & SE Asia
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:30:05 -0500
I'm including links to on-line maps from a friend, Jim Henthorn.  He served at NKP 11/67 - 5/69 in the 21st Helicopter Squadron.  I've included several links from his website.  The last link is to the area around the Bird's Head on Route 7 where Jim's plane crashed.  On that map, find Rte 7 and the Lao/NV border in the lower right region.  Rte 7 is marked with a highway sign and is colored in red starting at the border.  Trace Rte 7 west the distance to Lima Site 3 (LS03).  Trace that same distance west again, this time starting at LS03.  You should be a clik or two east of where Rte 7 swings N.  As near as I can tell from JTF/FA reports, this is the area where Jim's plane went down.  I've been promised more info from a reliable JTF/FA guy (from Las Vegas meeting) and maybe it will help pinpoint the site.

Working from memory, I believe Jim's coordinates were 103deg50'10'E 19deg30'10'N  There are discrepanices in these coordinates in the various after-action reports dating from 10/27/69.  Hopefully, the files coming from JTF/FA will help resolve these discrepancies.  I'll let you know if anything develops.

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God bless you all.