Sunday, October 27, 2019

Letter from Jim (Nephew of Jim)

As each year passes, a big number like fifty loses some significance. Fifty cents was a lot of money as a small child. Fifty dollars was a lot of money just recently - some days more than others. But fifty years is a significant amount of time.

My dad's family is a loving family with five living generations. It is a close family with a lot of love and many relationships spanning generations. My Uncle Jim was the oldest of eight brothers including (my father) Paul, Gary, Jerry, Roger, Don, Bob and Steve.

It hurts that I never knew Jim. With a family that had a deep desire to serve one another, we both had the calling to serve in the military. That seems like a bond that would have been strong.

Since I don't have a personal memory of Jim, I must use the shared memory that belongs to my family. So on this anniversary of Jim becoming Missing In Action (MIA), I remember my Uncle Jim.

You Are Never Forgotten!

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